Monday, September 1, 2008

My First Embroidery Project

I finally finished a project using my embroidery machine!

Check out this quilt.  It is 40 x 60 which I think is a nice size for a baby quilt or a throw.  The front is made of cotton and the back of the quilt is fleece.  I have never backed a quilt in fleece before but I was really happy with the results, it made the quilt very snuggly.  I did pretty minimal quilting on this because I didn't want to clutter the look of the front, I can't decide if I should add more or not...

Here are some examples of the embroidered blocks.  I thought they were perfect for a kid blanket and I love how detailed they are.

Overall the machine was definitely worth getting!  I can't wait to finish more projects with it.

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