Sunday, November 30, 2008


When I was growing up my grandma had silhouettes of all of her kids cut out from black paper and framed.  I used to love them.  Earlier today on Etsy so I saw some of the same silhouettes and I thought to myself - if someone else can do it I can do it too!  So I made one of Chase.   The below one is a bit messy since it is just a template that I then cut out of paper but it gives you an idea.  I am going to cut some out of paper and make Christmas ornaments on square pieces of chip board.  I am pretty excited.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baby Hat Disaster

This baby hat has been the biggest disaster ever!  I am trying to make one for a Christmas present but the first one I made was too small (see pictures below).  So I started to make another one just like it that is the right size and it got so messed up I had to start over.  Very frustrating!   I am determined to get it right though because it would be a great little gift.

Knit Hat Ornaments

In order to practice my knitting a bit I have been making little hat Christmas ornaments.  I think they are adorable!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Knit Baby Hat

I finished my knit baby hat last night!  I love it - I can't decide if I should sell it on Etsy or keep it for Chase.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  I may add a bead embellishment still...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back to Knitting

Over the years I have had a love hate relationship with knitting and crocheting.  I start project after project but I never finish anything.  I finally finished a scarf that I started while I was pregnant with Chase!!!  I should have taken a picture of Chase wearing it as it is much more adorable but he is with his Grammy this afternoon.  I am once again determined to learn how to knit - so I started to knit a baby hat and I ordered a pattern for arm warmers - we'll see if I am more successful this time around.


Here are two more stamped necklaces that I made.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


One of my neighbors is a total rock star seamstress ( and yesterday I went to a craft fair that she was having.  I bought an adorable kiddo apron and I won a really cool scarf in a raffle (the first picture below).  I love the brown and blue together!  Well the scarf inspired me to learn how to make button holes and make a few scarves of my own.  The first one is for Chase and I used a nickel instead of a button - I think it is adorable.  The second one is for me - I used flannel on the front and fleece on the back so it is reversible.  I also like that it is a bit more light weight (and can be used during the fall) since the other one is really warm and is more of a winter scarf.  So thanks to my neighbor for the great idea!!!

Cherish Every Moment Necklace

I made a new necklace using a domed 2.4 cm sterling silver disc.  The necklace has the phrase "Cherish Every Moment" and it has a chocolate colored coin pearl for a detail and is hung on an 18 inch chain.  I really like this mimics something that I saw online that I really loved.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dragonfly ATC

These are the Dragonfly ATCs that I made for the latest swap that I am doing.  I am really happy with the "Inspire" one and I liked the way the texture from the fabric looks.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beaded Circle Necklace

Nothing fancy about this - it is just a simple beaded necklace.

Artist at Heart

Yesterday while I was talking with a friend I came to a startling realization about myself. I have always thought of myself as the scientist / techno geek type but the truth is, I have no passion for science. The only reason I work in technology is because I like the money that comes along with it. I really think I am an artist at heart - who would have guessed. I suppose just because I am good at math and science doesn't mean I am interested in it.

The other thing I realized is that maybe that is why I am so drawn to my husband (because we really have nothing in common - we don't like the same types of movies, we have different hobbies, we like different types of music, basically we are interested in different things) but Boris is definately a kindred spirit in the fact that he may excel in the math and science area but his true love is for music. It's funny what makes you love a person...

Things that made me come to this conclusion:
- I hate reading or watching the news or anything that is based in reality. I would much rather snuggle up to the farthest fetched fantasy or romance novel.
- I have no interest in retaining any scientific knowledge. In fact the chemistry and biology talk that my fellow lab geek friends enjoy bores me to death. I draw no energy or excitement from thinking about anything technical.
- I like to stay rather detached from current events and would much rather be elbow deep in a craft project.
- While battling my illness one of the major thing that keeps me from becoming depressed is spending time doing arts and crafts...or plotting my next project...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Initial Necklace

I am still waiting for my 1 inch silver discs to arrived but in the mean time I made this necklace for myself with my initials (I must admit I stole the design from someone else but it was much cheaper to make it than buy it).  I love it - Simple and tiny but cute.  The discs on this one are 1/4 inch big so they are pretty small.

I've already decided what my next adventure in crafting is going to be.  I want to buy a kiln so I can start doing Precious Metal Clay stuff!  Talk about jewelry making!!!  I'm excited about that too - now I just need to save up so I can buy materials.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


My metal stamping supplies finally arrived!  I am still waiting for a few more things but here are a few of the pieces I made with what has already come.  I can't wait for my 1 inch metal discs to arrive so that I can make the necklace I want to make for myself with Chase's name and birthday on it!