Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Artist at Heart

Yesterday while I was talking with a friend I came to a startling realization about myself. I have always thought of myself as the scientist / techno geek type but the truth is, I have no passion for science. The only reason I work in technology is because I like the money that comes along with it. I really think I am an artist at heart - who would have guessed. I suppose just because I am good at math and science doesn't mean I am interested in it.

The other thing I realized is that maybe that is why I am so drawn to my husband (because we really have nothing in common - we don't like the same types of movies, we have different hobbies, we like different types of music, basically we are interested in different things) but Boris is definately a kindred spirit in the fact that he may excel in the math and science area but his true love is for music. It's funny what makes you love a person...

Things that made me come to this conclusion:
- I hate reading or watching the news or anything that is based in reality. I would much rather snuggle up to the farthest fetched fantasy or romance novel.
- I have no interest in retaining any scientific knowledge. In fact the chemistry and biology talk that my fellow lab geek friends enjoy bores me to death. I draw no energy or excitement from thinking about anything technical.
- I like to stay rather detached from current events and would much rather be elbow deep in a craft project.
- While battling my illness one of the major thing that keeps me from becoming depressed is spending time doing arts and crafts...or plotting my next project...

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