Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Sweet Return to Crafting

It has recently been hard for me to find time to craft as life has been a little hectic but I finally had time to get back to a few projects.  

Here is a little cream sweater that I finished crocheting yesterday.  I LOVE this sweater, it is made of a bamboo blend and is super soft and a nice weight and I think the bubble details at the bottom and the little jeweled red buttons are adorable.  I wish I had a little girl to put this on!  The best thing about crocheting baby stuff is that it goes SUPER fast because the pieces are so small. 

Yesterday with the help of some grandma baby sitting - which is always the best - I finally got around to playing with my new clay supplies!!!  I am not totally in love with any of the pieces that I made but I wanted to make some super simple and small items so that I can play with firing them.  I figured that if I made something really nice and it was ruined in the kiln I would be pretty upset so better to start small.  We'll see how these fire up and then get into pieces that I like better.  I also realized that I think the difficulty with this craft is going to be that the options are limitless so it is hard to get started and even harder to settle on something that isn't perfect.  I'm sure over time I will get better.

The other project that I was able to start yesterday was my first crochet project for myself!  I am biting the bullet and I am going to try to crochet a full adult sized sweater - I have been fearful to start something this large and complicated in the past!!!  Phew it feels like quite the task and  I think I need to go buy more yarn because I doubt I have enough of the yarn I chose to use (which is a super soft really nice merino wool blend).

Here is a picture of the pattern and what I have started so far - I really like the stitch so far.  I am doing the sweater in grey because it happens to be the yarn I had around - I really like the orange in the picture but I'm sure it will be fun in grey too.  The only thing I am a little concerned about is that the grey won't show off the detail in the sweater as well as the orange does but  I may just have to live with that (or I guess if it goes well I could always make it in another color).  The best part about this sweater will be picking out the buttons!!!

Wish me luck on this one - I'm sure I'll need it.  So far there has been limited cursing involved but one never knows how a project will progress.


Mary said...

I love that sweater! What book or magazine is it from? I would really like to know.
You baby sweater is just precious!

Katlyn said...

It's from the "Crochet Today" magazine. I loved it also! I ended up starting over and changing the color I am using because I couldn't find enough of the grey yarn but I think this color will work out better anyways.

Chance said...

Do you do custom orders yet?! I want one of these:

in fun funky colors!!!!

oh, and one of your sweaters!!!

hooli said...

so cute. and i got your e-mail. want to catch up. i'm booked booked booked this week. but, maybe one late evening?

jessieg said...

You are truly my inspiration in the yarn world. In the process of knitting a something special for Abby, and I don't know what you mean about baby stuff going fast. This yarn is like string!

Good luck! I can't wait to see the results. I'm sure I'll be amazed and jealous like I always am. Once I'm done with my knitting projects, I want to get back into crocheting. It seems to go fast than knitting and doesn't feel as hard on the wrists. I stopped doing it because I felt maybe it was too old lady, but you've proven me wrong!

I'm trying to get Chance to make me a needle holder. I keep loosing needles and those things are expensive!

hooli said...

All the neighbors are in love with your baby crocheted crocs.
Miss you and seriously, when are we going to craft?!?!?!